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Letters of Reprimand
Employer Letters
Letters of Appreciation

Letters of Appreciation

Nothing beats a Letter of Appreciation.  They are fast, easy and can really make someone's day.  Below are a number of samples rated by how well they are written.

Name Good Better Best Great!
Additional Duty - Supporting Historian X      
Additional Duty - Mobility Records   X    
Additional Duty - Security Manager     X  
Chain of Command     X  
Christmas Party     X X
Mentoring Seminar X X    
Veterans Day   X    

Deployment       X
Air Expeditionary Force (AEF)   X X    
Annual Tour     X X X X X
Exercise       X
TDY   X X  
TDY - Hotel Staff     X X
Donations   X    
Operation Readiness Exercise (ORE) - Individual     X  
Outstanding support X X   X  
Safety Review X      
Thank You
Crew - A/C Installation   X    
Crew - Installation of New Exterior Lights     X  
Crew - Staffing LAN Shop       X
Crew - Upgrade Norton Anti-Virus       X
Individual - Resolved Connectivity Issues   X    
Individual - Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution   X    
Individual - Visual Graphics     X X X
Job Well Done       X
3C0 – Initial Qualification Training (IQT)     X X X X
AF Writing Class   X    
BIND 8.9 and Quadritek IP Management (QIP) X X    
Annual Tour Training (AFRC)       X X X
EPR Writing Class     X  
Linux Class   X    
Mentoring Seminar X X    
Mobile Communication Training X X X    
TCP/IP Class   X    
Unit Compliance Inspection - Team Recognition     X  
Volunteerism X     X

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