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Enjoy a website focusing primarily on Air Force Writing and other Air Force mentoring issues.

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2011 Technical Sergeant 11E6 results will be released 23 Jun 11.

Current Enlisted Promotion Line Numbers - May 11

SSgt TSgt MSgt SMSgt CMSgt
8751-9865 5741-6408 3924-4405 0100-0196 0155-0202
87 Writing Guides
242 Award Examples
91 Dec Examples
346 Letter Examples
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Lance P. Sijan  AFI 36-2805, para 3.9 01 Jun 0?
DEERS/RAPIDS 36-3026 & Message 07 Jun 0?
National Women of Color Tech ACC Message 14 Jun 0?
AFOUA/AFOEA/MUA AFI 36-2805 & Message 30 Jun 0?
Unit/Wing Quarterly Awards (2nd) LOCAL OI 30 Jun 0? - The Library of Congress - Keep up with the bills affecting you! - EPR / OPR / Award Bullet database focusing on AF
Supervisor's Survival Guide - This guide was created by 690 IIS for use by all Supervisors and their troops.

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Site information.  Look for Hot New Informationor Yellow Newto identify content added in the last 30 days.

27 May, added a Letter of Recommendation for a Protocol NCO and MFR for a Change of Commander for Nonjudicial Punishment Proceedings (Article 15) and finally a Letter of Reprimand for an Article 107 - False Official Statement; Recruiter's Assistance to - Letter Factory.

17 May, corrected the last award submission.  Good luck to those of your awaiting your MSgt results.  I am very certain some of you will be very surprised.  Also, if anyone has good promotion templates (PPT) please submit them, as we have received some requests as of late for them.

11 May, MSgt stats for 2011 ... 

Selection Rate: 33.87%
Total Eligible: 19,538
Total Selected: 6,618

Select's Averages
Avg PFE: 72.46
Avg SKT: 60.45
Avg Total Score: 335.21
Avg TIG: 4.58 Yrs
Avg TIS: 15.91
Avg EPRs: 134.13
Avg Decs: 11.24

7 May, BAW submitted a very good 12 OAY, NCO of the Year for 2010 MAJCOM winning example.  The 1206 is for a Vehicle Operator/Dispatcher -- Additional Duty First Sergeant.  There are strong points and some important mentoring tidbits within it.  Finally, I have been able to find extra time, thus in the next week or so, all of the 2010 contributors ought to be identified and your Amazon Gift Certificate should be emailed to you.

4 May, sorry about the outage.  All is fixed, plus the Promotion Increments were submitted.

30 Apr, added ABU Uniform Issue at Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) Locations.  Basically the official message about All deploying Airmen with a RDD of 1 October 2011, or later are responsible for providing their own ABUs.  The Air Force Personnel Center announced the  2011 Technical Sergeant 11E6 results will be released 23 Jun 11.  Updated the AF Benefit Fact Sheet, with 2011 information.  Supervisors remember during each feedback this is to be briefed, feel free to send them to here or to

9 Apr, still trying to catch-up from the hiatus DMF submitted an Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Award, USAF Laboratory Senior NCO of the Year, AF Winning example to Medical Service (AFMS) in Enlisted Award Examples.

8 Apr, added Discharge Recommendation - Failure to Meet Air Force (PT) Fitness Standards to Letter Factory.  While on the same topic, an example Letter of Reprimand for Third Physical Training (PT) Assessment Failure (Article 92-Derelection of Duty) was added as well to the Letters of Reprimand Examples

5 Apr, added a winning 2008 Junior Enlisted Airman of the Year package for a 3S051/FORCE MANAGEMENT JOURNEYMAN to Enlisted Award Examples.

3 Apr, added a 1st Quarter 2009 winning example for Public Health Apprentice (from LRD) to Enlisted Award Examples.

2/3 Apr, updated the Deployment Finance Calculator  found in Supervisor Tools.  The author has updated the new 2011 BAH and Base Pay rates. Added 21 Space Wing EPR/OPR/PRF/Dec Guide to - Effective Military Writing Guides.

Also, attempting to catch-up with award submissions for 2010.  Added a 2008 NCO OAY submission, for a Launch Security Operations NCOIC (contributed by RGA).  DJB submitted both an Air National Guard Airman of the Year and Air National Guard of the Quarter package for a 2A652 / AEROSPACE GROUND EQUIPMENT.  Plues there are 2 more 2009 AFMS packages submitted by AO, Outstanding Field Grade Base Bioenvironmental Engineer of the Year, Surgical Excellence Award to Officer Award Examples in

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