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Key Points

  • If you haven't already, take a writing class
  • Take a creative writing class; it forces effective, vivid writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use resources like Merriam-Webster
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!

Shared Thoughts On Effective Bullets

  • No matter what the task, if you can have either Better/Faster/Cheaper as an impact, you are an effective writer as any reader can identify with them.
    - Use the real numbers (saved 10 hours, saved $10K, etc).
    - Avoid the use of percentages (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Use real numbers when talking about group sizes, etc. Instead of saying "over 500 attended" (or the ever-popular 500+), use the real number, i.e. 537.
    - Real numbers show the reader you did research.
  • If your tell your subordinates what is expected from them in THEIR EPR/OPR process, they will be able to provide you the real data and the impact, making a more powerful EPR and growing a future great supervisor.
    - Take the time and cultivate this ability!

Acronym Finder

Acronym or abbreviation to find:



New EPR/PFW Instructions (MFPM 07-44) & OPR/PFW Instructions (MFPM -07-45)

-- These have not been added to AFI 36-2406 (below)
AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems

Referral (EPR/OPR) Report - Fact Sheet


Table of Contents

Bullet Info

Enlisted PFW Info EPR Info Word Choice Help Writing Help

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Bullet Info

AFEPRBullets.com Public database of EPR, OPR, and Award Bullets.
Bullet Tracker and Calc - New EPR  version Bullet tracker for the new EPR (AF910 & AF911) (xls)
Bullet Writing Created by Brooks AFB.  Good examples and instruction. (PPT)
Clarification Of Fitness Reporting On Officer And Enlisted Evaluations Updated guidance for the 08 Calendar Year.  Official Message.
Clarification on recording Fitness (FIT) program assessments in EPR/OPR Updated guidance for the 05 Calendar Year.  Official Message.
CMSAF Perspective on Sr. Rater Endorsement and Stratification The title says it all. A MUST read for SNCOs or SNCOs' reporting officials.
Deviation Of Rater's Rater On TSgt And Below EPR's Official Message released in Dec 06 about deviations.
Evolution of a Bullet A good look at how bullets move from Supervisor comments to final EPR bullet.
Guidance on Fitness Assessment and EPRs and OPRs Additional Guidance from Nov 05.  Talks about the grey line...
How To Get Outstanding EPR’S and Be Competitive for Awards Very good look at what a person needs to do to have a solid EPR and be competitive for awards.
Nuts And Bolts Of Writing An OPR Thoughts, comments, examples and pointers for writing OPRs
PME comments in EPRS Official Guidance from HQ AF.  It is hard to read, but basically, don't waste space talking about general PME enrollments and completion.
Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) EPR comments Guidance allowing the Completion of Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) in EPRs
Stratification Clarification Information form an official message that was released from AFPC in Feb 07

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Enlisted Feedback Info

Feedback Example - Junior EnlistedYellow New AF931 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Feedback Example - NCOYellow New AF931 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer
Feedback Example - SNCOYellow New AF932 memory jogger / PFW example -- Need IMT Viewer

Enlisted Performance Report Info

Deployment And Assignment History On SNCO Evaluation Briefs

Official release concerning TDY time as a discriminator for E8/E9 promotion. Plus an additional comment concerning it
Deviation Of Rater's Rater On TSgt And Below EPR's Rating chain deviation for the rater's rater on TSgt and below EPRS
Enlisted Promotion Statements Name Says it all
Usage of "Nuclear" Terminology in Officer and Enlisted Performance ReportsYellow New Use of the nuclear terms by themselves, in evaluations and awards, is not classified. However, Operation Security and Essentials Elements of Friendly Information must be carefully assessed when writing performance reports and awards

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Officer Performance Reports

A Real Look at OPR Phrases Very good look at phrases used in OPRs.  Although it focuses on OPRs many of the same things happen in EPRs.  Go Forth and LEARN!
PRF GuideYellow New From 18AF/CC dated 3 Aug 04 --  Looks like a couple of the other guides on this were cut into it. Submitted by MAJ

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Word Choice Help

Action Verbs Small list of action verbs from the Tongue and Quill (PPT)
EPR Assessment Displays Strong and Weak Bullet Choices (PPT)
Superior Personal Performance Collection of bullet phrases and high impact words

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Writing Help

Effective EPR Writing (17 Oct 05) AWESOME PPS created by 379 AEW!  Worth your time. (1M)
Enlisted Performance Reports Developed by TEAM RANDOLPH NCO ORIENTATION COURSE w/ Briefing Notes

Basic information and hints to EPRs

New EPR/PFW Instructions (11 Jul 07)
MPFM: 07-44
Implementing Instructions and Processing Procedures for the new AF Form 910, Enlisted Performance Report (AB thru TSgt), the AF Form 911, Enlisted Performance Report (MSgt thru CMSgt), the AF Form 931, Performance Feedback Worksheet (AB thru TSgt) and the AF Form 932, Performance Feedback Worksheet (MSgt thru CMSgt). (2.3M Doc)
New OPR/PFW Instructions (11 Jul 07)
MPFM: 07-45
Implementing Instructions and Processing Procedures for the new AF Form 707, Officer Performance Report (Lt thru Col) and AF Form 724, Performance Feedback Worksheet (Lt thru Col). (1.5M Doc)
Referral (EPR/OPR) Report - Fact SheetYellow New Good quick reference about Referral EPRs or OPRs.  Information derived from AFI 36-2406.
PERFORMANCE REPORTS Developed by: USAFE, Supt, Board Secretariat
- References, Rules and Technique
Writing Effective Enlisted Performance Reports Includes multiple examples of good and bad bullets.  Worth the time to look over (201K)

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