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Availability Of Revised Evaluation Forms 910/911/707/931

1. There have been several changes made to the af forms 910 (Enlisted Performance Report AB - TSgt), 911 (Enlisted Performance Report MSgt - CMSgt), 931 (Performance Feedback Worksheet AB - TSgt) and 707 (Officer Performance Report Lt - Col) which are now available on the AF Publishing Website. The revised forms have several areas of improvement which were previously identified. For example, the digital certificate programming allows the rater to better identify the proper certificate. Also with this release, all AF form 911s submitted on the new version must have the ratee acknowledgment (block xii) yes/no blocks completed.

2. MPF’s/MPE’s/CSS’s: start using the revised forms (dated 18 Jun 08) immediately. Ensure all personnel on your base are using the most current version. Reports currently in coordination need not be reaccomplished.

3. As a reminder, AFI 36-2406 is the primary authority for the Evaluations Program. MPFMS 07-44 and 07-45 give specific instructions for preparing the New evaluations and are to be used in conjunction with AFI 36-2406.


Missed the message regarding this while I was on leave.  Expect to see all of the of updated on the site by the weekend.

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