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Deviation Of Rater's Rater On TSGT And Below EPR's

Author: Official MSG 121952Z DEC 06

1. This total force policy message is effective immediately.

2. AFI 36-2406, Officer And Enlisted Evaluations Systems, requires a rater's rater to endorse performance reports as the second evaluator and does not allow rating chain deviations. Effective immediately, rating chain deviation for the rater's rater is allowed on TSGT and below EPRS when the rater s rater is deployed and unavailable to endorse the EPR. In this case, the next available rater in the rating chain will sign as the second evaluator.

3. This change reduces administrative processing time of EPRS and allows the deployed rater s rater to concentrate on the AOR mission vice home station administrative issues. The review process does not change and the required first sergeant and commander s review ensures the validity and the accuracy of EPRS. Additionally, TSGT and below EPRS are endorsed by only two evaluators and there are no issues with endorsement levels.

4. This change is not applicable for SNCO EPRS. Since additional evaluators are allowed on SNCO EPR's, a rating chain deviation of the rater s rater can impact the established rating endorsement chain.

5. Questions should be directed to HQ AFPC/DPPPEP.

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