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Staff Meetings

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Table of Contents

Getting to Know Your Boss Time Management The Schedule Suspense Tracking & Following Up Correspondence
The Boss’ Quick Reference Book
Protocol and Special Events Staff Meetings Technical Issues The Staff Car The Typical Day
A: Commander’s Call Action Plan B: Sample Background Paper C: Sample Protocol 3X5 Cards D: Sample Commander’s Reference Book E: Sample Exec Continuity Book
Example Desk Layout


You are in charge of staff meetings. Sure, the Boss will give you his/her format and time schedule, but you are responsible for making the arrangements and ensuring the meetings are structured and productive. Nothing can be more irritating to a busy Boss than to waste time in meaningless meetings.

Develop a process and stick to it. The following is only a recommendation:

(1) Request potential topics 72 hours in advance from staff members accompanied by background paper(s) or briefs when necessary
(2) let the Boss select what is necessary
(3) arrange a pre-meeting 48 hours in advance to finalize topics
(4) build and pass the staff a final agenda
(5) make sure all staff meeting attendees know in advance what is going to happen
(6) place a copy of the agenda in the Boss’ HOT or Read-Ahead folder, but ensure he/she has it the morning of the staff meeting.

This way, he/she is reminded of what will be discussed. If appropriate, put your own personal notes on any agenda items so the Boss has the current information on the issue. DO NOT PACK THE AGENDA; remember to keep the meeting within the Boss’ allotted time.

Request staff members provide you a hard and soft copy of slides to be presented—not so much for content, but to make sure the presentations are in sequence. This will ensure you know what is to be briefed, and will allow your audio personnel to check the visual information equipment—it can be very embarrassing and wastes time to say “ slide,” and have nothing happen.

At the Boss’ seat, place a note pad, a pen, coffee (or other refreshments), and hard copies of any slides to be presented.

You introduce the Boss’ entrance (ensure everyone is in place first—late arrivals should be the exception, because it is disruptive), and introduce each new agenda item as it comes up before turning the floor over to the speaker. Also, you should introduce any briefer and his/her subject. Keep the meeting moving!

Throughout the meeting, your job is to take notes and prepare to follow-up on any questions the Boss asks or commitments he/she may make. For example, the Boss could say, “...I’ll look into that and get back to you.” Take the initiative, and if possible develop a proposed response. In any case, prompt your Boss to deliver the answer (either a phone call or written note). This saves your Boss a tremendous amount of time, and he/she is not likely to forget who is actually doing the work.

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Page Added on: 24 January 2006