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Appendix E: Exex's Continuity Book

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Table of Contents

Getting to Know Your Boss Time Management The Schedule Suspense Tracking & Following Up Correspondence
The Boss’ Quick Reference Book
Protocol and Special Events Staff Meetings Technical Issues The Staff Car The Typical Day
A: Commander’s Call Action Plan B: Sample Background Paper C: Sample Protocol 3X5 Cards D: Sample Commander’s Reference Book E: Sample Exec Continuity Book
Example Desk Layout


Table of Contents

  • List of Senior Leaders and key staff telephone numbers
  • Key Staff Biographies
  • Base telephone Book
  • Command Section telephone intercoms
  • Telephone User Quick Reference Sheet
  • Audio & Visual Equipment Quick Reference Sheet
  • Unit Alpha Roster
  • Week and Monthly Schedule
  • Boss’ Favorite List (food, drinks, etc.)
  • Policy Letters (E-mail, Leave, Smoking, etc.)
  • Ceremony Checklists (Retirements, DV Arrangement, Pinning)
  • Billeting (Reservations, DV)
  • Clubs (Catering, Menu, Manager)

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