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The Staff Car

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Table of Contents

Getting to Know Your Boss Time Management The Schedule Suspense Tracking & Following Up Correspondence
The Boss’ Quick Reference Book
Protocol and Special Events Staff Meetings Technical Issues The Staff Car The Typical Day
A: Commander’s Call Action Plan B: Sample Background Paper C: Sample Protocol 3X5 Cards D: Sample Commander’s Reference Book E: Sample Exec Continuity Book
Example Desk Layout


If your Boss has an Exec, then he/she is most likely authorized a staff car. Someone, probably not you directly, must make sure it is clean, fueled, and in sound mechanical condition when your Boss gets ready to use it—but, you must understand and oversee this process. Additionally, your Boss will most likely have a DV plate attached to the front of the car, and other DVs will occasionally ride in it—make sure these plates are in excellent shape, because people around the base will see them frequently. At most bases, you can check out a one-star to four-star plate from wing protocol, but some times they may not have one available. Therefore, you should look into ordering plates for your Boss’ personal use.

The unit’s vehicle OIC or NCOIC should have a process for ensuring these tasks are done. However, you should ensure this person check the car daily to keep it in a safe driving condition. For example, if your Boss has an important meeting with dignitaries downtown, you don’t want to drive him/her up in a car that looks like it participated in a mud race—have it washed first. However, if it is due to be washed tomorrow, and the schedule does not call for using it, don’t jerk members of the unit around to accomplish a meaningless task.

You’ll have to play this entire issue by ear, ensuring your vehicle managers have flexible processes in place.

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Page Added on: 24 January 2006