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This is just a start of the collection. In order to display good examples, it will take time to get them online.  So as time permits, more will be added.  In addition, the Retirement Section will host links to different ideas to utilize in order to capture the individuals service contributions.

Table of Contents

Checklists Reenlistment Misc Promotion Retirement
1st Shirt Slides
Image Library
Military Ceremony
Military Law
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Change of Command Ceremony

Change of Command Ceremony checklist derived from HQ AFMC
General Officer Ceremony General / Flag Officer Ceremony Checklist from Air University
Promotion or Retirement Good starting point when planning any Promotion or Retirement
Retirement Ceremony Pretty good retirement worksheet / checklist I put together after learning how to do it the HARD WAY.


Oath Of Enlistment What you really need to make the promotion official
Commissioned Officer Oath Of Office  


13 Folds of the US Flag Military ceremonial reading of each of the 13 folds of our country's flag -- Actually this is the old Flag Folding Script produced by the USAFA.
Airman's Creed The new Airman's Creed was released by CSAF Mosely in April 2007.  It is to replace all of the other Air Force Creeds.
Air Force Hymn -- Air Force Song Name says it all.  Words to verse one and two of the Air Force Hymn
Airman's Creed Video Professional Video of the new Airman's Creed.
Change of Command Script Simple Change of Command Script
Dining-In; USAF An abbreviated guide for planning and conducting a dining-in or dining-out
Flag Folding Script; Official After all of the religious wrangling, there is a new script as of 1 Nov 2005.
Image Library Maybe an image you are looking for???
"Jeep Chief" History & Rules One of the flavor of "Jeep Chief" rules.
Rules of the Mess Some more rules of the mess
Rules of the Mess - Dining In/Out A little History and most importantly The Rules Of the Mess
POW\MIA Reading  POW\MIA Protocol Readings at most military functions
POW/MIA Table Ceremony (Joint Ceremony) Very good POW\MIA Ceremony.  Covers Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard – and civilians


Air Force Chief (CMSGT) Promotion Ceremony Script Basic promotion ceremony script for a Chief Master Sergeant
Air Force NCO Promotion Ceremony Script Basic Promotion ceremony script
Air Force Officer Promotion Ceremony Script Simple Officer Promotion script - (This one is for a promotion to Capt)
Charge; Airman Air Force basic Airman's Charge
Charge; NCO Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer's Charge
Creed; NCO Air Force Non-Commissioned Officer Creed - Replaced by Airman's Creed.
Creed; SNCO Two more popular Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officer creeds - Replaced by Airman's Creed.
Creed; Chief Air Force Chief Master Sergeant's Creed - Replaced by Airman's Creed.
Promotion Certificate Examples Originally from 347th MXS.  Simply add your unit patches, change the squadron name and number and your done.  Airman thru Chief Master Sergeant. (1.4M PPT)
Promotion Invitation Example Name says it all.


In case you do not know, the Air Force Provides flags to all retirees per AF instruction.  This means the unit can buy the flag through GSA.  The GSA numbers will be forthcoming.
Air Force Retirement Work Sheet / Checklist Pretty good retirement worksheet / checklist I put together after learning how to do it the HARD WAY.
Flag Folding Script; Official After all of the religious wrangling, there is a new script as of 1 Nov 2005.
Retirement Script Quick retirement script.  Check it out.  Includes an MSM, DMSM and additional items.  Something to work from at least.
Retirement Script for a Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) Very Good retirement script.  Includes readings for decoration, letters of appreciation, flag folding and growth through the ranks demonstration.

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