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Air Force Retirement Work Sheet / Checklist

For those of you who have never ran a Retirement before, this worksheet ought to be pretty useful.   In the case of retirements procrastination can be VERY damaging.  Remember this ceremony is thanking the individual for their 20+ years of service to the Air Force, send them off right.  Feel free use the links at the bottom of the page to send me additional steps or action items.

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Required Action Item

Desired Action Timeframe

Date Completed

AO's Initials

Obtain copies of retirement orders ASAP    
Request Flag to be Flown in Specific Location ASAP    
Determine Uniform for Ceremony/Reception 2 Months Prior    
Order Invitations 2 Months Prior    
Order Shadow Box 2 Months Prior    
Submit retiree Biography 2 Months Prior    
Submit retiree Program 2 Months Prior    
Provide Hometown News Release 2 Months Prior    
Reserve Band or Music 2 Months Prior    
Reserve Appropriate Flag(s) 2 Months Prior    
Choose Alternate Site in case of inclement weather 1 Month Prior    
Draft Reserved Seating and Parking 1 Month Prior    
Notify/Request Base Honor Guard 1 Month Prior    
Order flowers for Spouse 1 Month Prior    
Order Ceremonial Flag for retirement/shadow box 1 Month Prior    
Order Retirement Certificates / Presidential Letter 1 Month Prior    
Submit Award Recommendation 1 Month Prior    
Submit Letters of Appreciation/Recognition 1 Month Prior    
Recruit Emcee (if applicable) 1 Month Prior    
Recruit Escorts for Family and Guests 1 Month Prior    
Recruit Set-Up/Clean-Up Crew 1 Month Prior    
Request "Quiet Hours" on Flight Line (if applicable) 1 Month Prior    
Reserve Audio/Video Equipment 1 Month Prior    
Reserve Photographer 1 Month Prior    
Reserve Podium (if needed) 1 Month Prior    
Pick up Retirement Certificates / Retirement Pin 2 Weeks Prior    
Obtain Reserve Parking and Seating Signs (if applicable) 1 Week Prior    
Print Labels for Chairs 1 Week Prior    
Obtain Guest Chairs/Tables/Linens 1 Day Prior    
Prepare Ceremony Area 1 Day Prior    
Test Equipment 1 Day Prior / Day Of    
Brief Retiree/Family Day Of    
Ensure Photographer is at Ceremony Day Of    
Obtain Glasses and Water (if needed) Day Of    
Place Labels on Chairs Day Of    
Return Supplies and Equipment After Ceremony    

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Page added on: 11 May 2006