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Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Creed

Promotion Ceremonies are very big deals and depending on the branch it is a right of passage. During promotion ceremonies, the ranking enlisted person in the organization (normally) reads he creed or charge to the receiving party. Below are a couple of the more popular ones.

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"In the United States Air Force, a Master Sergeant joins an elite group.  The term "Sergeant" is an ancient, honorable one that denotes a person possessing special skills, trust, and integrity.  All of you are now Master Sergeants, which means you have mastered the techniques and abilities required of noncommissioned officers.  As you progress to Senior Master Sergeant and Chief Master Sergeant, your title will change, but not the designation as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer.  You are afforded privileges not awarded to others, and you have freely accepted responsibility beyond the call of normal duty.  You have, by your actions and performance, earned the respect of your seniors and juniors.  As Master Sergeants, your entire way of life will change.  More will be expected of you; more will be demanded of you--not because you are a Master Sergeant, but because you are now a Senior NCO.  You have not merely been promoted one pay grade, you have joined an exclusive group--A group dedicated to taking care of those who follow in their footsteps.  As a member of this group, you have a responsibility to your fellow Senior NCO's even as they have a responsibility to you." 

  •  I am a Senior Noncommissioned Officer in the United States Air Force.

  •  I hold allegiance to my country, devotion to duty, and personal integrity above all.

  •  I wear my rank of authority with dignity, I promote the highest standards of conduct, appearance, and performance by setting the example.

  •  I seek no favors because of my rank.

  •  I am devoted to the concept of service rather than personal gain.

  •  I uphold the traditions of senior noncommissioned officers who precede me.

  •  I manage resources under my control with astute efficiency, and lead the way with the highest level of competence.

  •  I always strive to merit the respect of my fellow senior noncommissioned officers and of all with whom I come in contact.

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