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Promotion or Retirement Ceremony Check Sheet


Promotion or Retirement Ceremony OPR COMPL
Set Date For Ceremony      
Arrange Honor Guard      
Coordinate With Commander Schedule      
Set Prescribed Uniform For Participants      
Arrange Photographer  (Need 833)      
Arrange Videographer (Need WG/CC Approval)      
Process Decoration Request (Lead Time!!)      
Obtain Completed Decoration And Medal      
Parking For DVs      
“Road Signs” Directing Traffic      
Small Maps For Inclusion With Invitations      
Reserve Location      
Prepare Bios      
Guidon Bearer Selected      
Commander Of Troops Selected      
Taped Ruffles And Flourishes And Backup National Anthem For Comm To Play If Needed      
Schedule Chaplain For Invocation      
Arrange For Any Publicity (Fliers, Pa, Etc.)      
Select/Provide Emcee For Ceremony      
Obtain Guest List From Commander      
Prepare/Send Formal Invitations To Special Guests Approx 3-4 Weeks In Advance; Scrub List W/Wing Protocol And Outgoing Cc; Appoint OPR For RSVPs      
Prepare/Reproduce Program For Ceremony      
Select Escorts For Special Guests/Family      
Arrange Seating For VIPs, Family, Etc.      
Order Retirement Flag      
Flags For Ceremony (Any Special Ones Needed?)      
Sound System      
Select Handler For Medal, Certificate, And Gift Handler      
Make Reception Arrangements      
Prepare Script      
Arrange For National Anthem      
Arrange For Military Unit Formation If Appropriate      
Orderly Room Publish Change Of Command Orders?      
Arrange For Music And “DJ”      
Brief CCs On Script And Sequence Of Events      
Schedule Practice For Key Players      
Brief Presiding Officer On Script And Flow Of Events Prior To Ceremony      
Reserve Location And/Or Small Stage From 3ces      
RESERVE/Procure Folding Chairs      
Coordinate With Pa For Any Required News Releases To Base Paper      
Assign Ushers And Escorts      
Arrange For Three Stage Chairs And Two Podiums (One For Emcee And One For Honorees)      
Flowers For Commanders’ Wives?      
Get New Signs For New Commander Ready To Go      
Any Mementos (Shadow Box, Pictures, Etc.)      
Arrange For Letter For SECAF CMSAF      
Farewell Dinner/Luncheon      

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