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Deployment Finance Calculator


This is a very good tool.  If you are down range, will be going down range, or have an Airman downrange, take a couple of moments and check it out. It will be worth your time to look at this.

From the Author:

I came across your site based on a reference from I thought this site might be a useful place to host a tool that I built for all deploying military members to provide them a complete financial snapshot of what to expect to earn/save while deployed. In less than 3 min, a member can gauge all their entitlements (to include upcoming promotion and/or longevity pay) as well how much money they could earn by using the Savings Deposit Program (SDP).

This tool (attached) is currently featured on and is being considered for use on the AF Portal. I built it over the course of 5 months while I was deployed to Afghanistan, and it was distributed to 1,100 members who helped refine and tweak it for all scenarios.

With the confusion behind deployment entitlements and importance of Airmen establishing budgets, my hope is to prepare families financially before their time overseas.

Download it -- Deployment Finance Calculator

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