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Request for BAS Approval for Honor Guard Dorm Residents

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SUBJECT: Request for BAS Approval for Honor Guard Dorm Residents

  1. We have evaluated the criteria for BAS and determined that (YOUR NAME AND RANK) of the BASENAME AFB Honor Guard, who currently resides in the dormitory, meets the regulatory requirements for the authorization. Honor Guard personnel are adversely affected by their specialized duty and their distance from the dining facility and are eligible to receive BAS.

  2. According to DFAS-SEM 177-373 Vol.II, paragraph 6-8b; “commander’s may grant authorization to mess separately for enlisted members not covered in paragraph 6-8a. This authorization will be based on at least two factors such as: location of member’s residence, specialized duty, working hours, dining facility capacity, or distance from the dining facility.” It also states, “Additional factors deemed appropriate by commanders may also be considered.”

  4. . Specialized Duties: The BASENEAME AFB Honor Guard is assigned specialized duties on a day-to-day basis. Their responsibilities often require them to perform duties during the Georgia Pines hours of operation. As a result of these duties, Honor Guard personnel frequently miss meals.

  5. Distance to the Dining Facility: The BASENEAME AFB Honor Guard is required to perform the congressionally mandated duties and functions within a 250-mile radius. The preparation time for each detail, along with the distance, results in hours away from an appropriated funded dining facility.

  6. Please refer any questions to HONOR GUARD OIC, ### SQU, at ext XXXX.

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