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Exemption to Policy Removal of Assignment Availability Code (AAC) 44

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27 Apr 06


              ????????????? AFB, STATE ABBR ZIP

SUBJECT: Exemption to Policy Removal of Assignment Availability Code (AAC)

1. Request AAC Code 44 be removed from my record. When I received orders to <BASE>. I was unaware of the 3 year controlled tour. This code is preventing me from volunteering for an assignment to Korea to be with my spouse. The Code 44 was implemented on 17 February 2005 when I arrived on station at <BASE> AFB and expires 17 February 2008. I am considered a first term Airman and I am eligible for reassignment as of February 2006.

2. My wife is a Korean national and is experiencing difficulty issues, and is unable to come to the United States. Her difficulties do not warrant a humanitarian reassignment. I understand that even if the Code is removed there is no guarantee that I will receive an assignment to Korea.

3. Please contact via e-mail address@base.mil or by phone DSN xxx-xxxx with any questions.


Job Title                                            
FR XXX-XX-XXXX                         

1st Ind, Lt. Col FNAME MI. LNAME

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