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 Selection to Attend Airman Leadership School (ALS)

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Congratulations on your selection to attend the Airman Leadership School (ALS). Only those who are best qualified (that is, only those demonstrating exceptional potential) are selected to attend the ALS. I have picked you because you meet that criteria.

PME is designed to provide the varied leadership skills required at each level of enlisted supervision and management throughout the Air Force. It enhances the professional development of enlisted members by strengthening their ability to lead and manage while they gain a broader understanding of the military profession.

ALS broadens the leadership and management skills of those in attendance. This objective is accomplished by emphasizing the duties and responsibilities of NCOs outlined in AFPAM 36-2618, the Enlisted Force Organization, and through the educational objectives contained in AFI 36-2301, NCO Professional Military Education. While these are the primary objectives; the staff has included several other equally important objectives. These include: fostering pride in the NCO corps, developing initiative and self-confidence, building teamwork and esprit-de-corps, and valuing honor, loyalty, and dedication to duty. The school presents awards and favorable communications to those students who distinguish themselves while in attendance. But let me emphasize that graduation is a sufficient award. Do not strive so hard to win an award that your academics and teamwork suffer.

The First Sergeant has sent you a copy of the student's guide which you should read thoroughly. Among other things it explains that you are TDY and relieved of all unit duties and details. 

I challenge you to make the most of your time while attending the school and return prepared to put your newly acquired skills to work in your duty section and the squadron.

Again, congratulations on your selection and good luck. 


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