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 The assortment of links here are from throughout the site with a focus on SNCOs. 

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Assignment Information Items

Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared

In my opinion this is for supervisors to give to their Airmen.  It has been borrowed from a Family Support Center.

Moving Off-Base; Are you prepared Budget Sheet See above
Guidance on Fitness Assessment and EPRs and OPRs Additional Guidance from Nov 05.  Talks about the grey line...
Humanitarian/Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Assignments The information provides help to better understand the subject programs and what, if any, options are available if you desire consideration under either program

 KOREA Tour LengthsYellow New

Changes to tour lengths in Korea.
Short Tour Credit for 181 Day TDYs Letter Released from AFPC concerning Short Tour Credit for 181 Day TDYs. Includes a Q&As!
Permissive PSC Policy DiscontinuedYellow New AF has stopped the Permissive Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
Retraining Application Yellow New  

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