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Airman Must Know Dates

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IMPORTANT DATES FOR _______________________

DATE ENTERED SERVICE  _______-_______-_______





Promotion to Amn

Recommended by Commander and have 6 months time in grade (TIG)



Promotion to A1C

Recommended by Commander and have 10 months TIG



Airman of the Quarter

Assigned to Wing or tenant unit and be nominated by your unit



Eligibility for Assignment

12 months time on station (first termers) for CONUS and Overseas.



First Enlisted Performance Report (EPR)

A1Cs or below receive first EPR at 20 months time in service (TIS)



In-Service Use of Montgomery GI Bill

Can use the “Top-Up” program after 24 months of continuous service.  



Good Conduct Medal

3 years in service for exemplary conduct (awarded every 3 years)



SRA Below the Zone Promotion Eligibility

Considered 6 months prior to the fully qualified phase point (AFI 36-2502).  This is a one-time consideration



Promotion to SRA

36 months TIS and 20 months TIG OR

28 months TIG, whichever occurs first



Selective Reenlistment Program

4-yr enlistees considered after completing 33 months TIS

6-yr enlistees considered after completing 57 months TIS



Career Job Reservation

4-yr enlistees, 35th month through 43d month of service

6-yr enlistees, 59th month through 67th month of service



Retraining Window

4-yr enlistees, 35th month through 43d month of service

6-yr enlistees, 59th month through 67th month of service



Base of Preference

Can apply after CJR approved; 12 mos TOS for PCS BOP; No minimum TOS for IPBOP




4-yr enlistees, 36 consecutive months, at least AlC with 12 months TIG; 6-yr enlistees, 60 consecutive months, at least SrA or higher



Longevity Service Ribbon

4 years in service (awarded every four years)



Airman Leadership School

SrA with 48 months in service or have reenlisted, plus 1 year retainability; must complete prior to pinning on SSgt



Promotion to SSgt

Points for EPR, TIS, TIG, Promotion Fitness Exam (PFE), Specialty Knowledge test (SKT), and decorations



After 20 years of Total Active Federal Military Service


*NOTE:  Exceptions may exist; contact your supervisor or the MPF functional experts with any concerns, questions, or unusual circumstances. 


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