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Professional Manager Certification (PMC) Program


Great program for SNCOs that have already completed their degree and need to show continual self improvement.  Additionally, it is yet another item to pad the resume.  At most this is going to take 30 minutes of your time and a transcript request if you don't already have one.

There is a new CCAF certification program that recognizes SNCO leadership and management education, skills, and experience. I've attached a Senior Enlisted Leaders Update that was sent to CMSAF Roy for dissemination to Command Chiefs; a copy of the CCAF Article that will be published in the next CCAF Update; and a sample copy of the PMC Nomination Letter.

The PMC Program will be activated 1 Jan 2011. The program information is in the process of being updated to the CCAF website and should be available within the next week. The Sample PMC Nomination Letter will also be posted on the website and available for download.

The program provides a validated credentialing process, which recognizes the SNCO's leadership and management education, skills and experience. In addition, the program provides Air Force SNCOs with a structured professional development track that supplements Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) and Career Field Education and Training Plans.

Here are the requirements:

1.) Awarded 7 skill-level (Craftsman) or higher

2.) Complete Airman Leadership School or equivalent EPME

3.) Complete Noncommissioned Officer Academy or equivalent EPME

4.) Complete Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy or equivalent EPME

5.) Complete 30 semester hours of leadership/management coursework (includes Enlisted PME credit earned); At least 6 semester hours of the leadership/management coursework must be completed through an accredited civilian institution or by examination credit (CLEP/DSST/Excelsior). Courses must emphasize the fundamentals of leadership and/or management of human resources.

6.) CCAF associates in applied science degree

7.) Formal application process; recommended for certification by the unit commander. A Letter of Recommendation template will be posted on CCAF's website.

NOTE: Individual must provide a copy of civilian school transcript that reflects successful completion of 6 semester hours of leadership/management coursework.

IMPACT: This professional credentialing program will recognize advanced levels of education, training, and experience beyond the associate degree level, and as a result, instill a higher level of accomplishment and professionalism within the Air Force.

END RESULT: A Professional Manager Certification certificate will be issued to each member who earns it, and the certification award will be documented on the CCAF transcript.

If you have further questions, check out the Professional Manager Certification (PMC) Program FAQ.

If it doesn't answer your questions contact your Education Center.

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