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Mandatory Wear of AFRC Patch

Source: HQ AFRC/DP 06-089
Source:  AFI 36-2907

Expiration: When Superseded

Per AFRC/CC, effective immediately (with a mandatory wear date of 1 Oct 2006) all AFRC unit personnel, HQ AFRC and ARPC personnel will wear the AFRC command patch on BDUs and flight suits. Mobilization Assistants, Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs) and Active Guard Reservists (AGRs) assigned outside of AFRC will continue to wear the patch of the command to which they are assigned for duty.

The AFRC patch will be worn on the right breast pocket. For AFRC units, commanders may approve wear of one subdued sewn-on organizational patch on the BDU and will designate whether it is a NAF, wing or squadron patch. If approved, the patch will be worn on the left breast pocket, centered between the left and right edges and bottom of flap and bottom of pocket. Personnel assigned to the AOR will follow the guidance prescribed by that Combatant Command.

Patches were approved for purchase in FY 05 and most units have received their allocation. If your unit has not ordered patches, purchases need to be made to allow for distribution and wear before the end of the fiscal year. Wear guidance is included in AFI 36-2903, para. 1.1, table 1.1. AFRC supplement 1 to AFI 36-2903 will be updated to include the above wear instructions for organizational patches.


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Page added on: 11 May 2006