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Upcoming Changes to AF PT AFI (AFI 36-2905)


There has been a lot of feedback to Air staff that some wings are setting standards for fitness
retesting sooner than the maximum allowable time (90 days).  See below of the changes that will be coming soon.  Don't forget that PT is a commander's program and there maybe times when testing prior to the 90 Rule makes sense (i.e. PCS to or from an Overseas location).

BLUF: The CSAF's intent is that "all Airmen should have at their disposal
all, or very nearly all, the time allowed prior to retest." Per AFI
36-2905, paragraph, the maximum time allowed is 90 days. Based on
the specific feedback above which contradicts the Chief's intent, request
your help in disseminating clarification within your commands ASAP.

For your SA, we are finalizing AF Guidance Memorandum #2 to AFI 36-2905,
which will clarify the above referenced paragraph as follows:

" RegAF, AFR, and ANG (Title 10) members must retest within 90 days
following a failed official Fitness Assessment (FA). Members cannot be
required to retest any sooner than the end of the 90-day reconditioning
period; however, they may volunteer to do so. Retesting in the first 42
days after an unsatisfactory test also requires commander approval since
recognized medical guidelines recommend 42 days as the minimum timeframe to
recondition from Unsatisfactory to Satisfactory status in a manner that
reduces risk of injury. It is the Airman's responsibility to ensure they
retest before the 90-day reconditioning period expires (they become
non-current on the 91st day).

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