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Uniform Wear Policy

Source: Open Sources

New guidance from CSAF on the wear of Blues every Monday, starting 8 Sep 08.  Each Wing/Installation will most likely have specific guidance for their personnel.

Caution, like all new policy guidance, someone is bound to come up with their own interpretation of it. Look back at the controversy of ABU/BDU cold weather gear. 

rewrote from the attached PDF:

Prior to the events of September 11, 2001, it was common practice for a majority of Air Force members to wear blue uniform as their duty uniform.  While MAJCOM policies often differed, it was also common practice to wear utility uniforms one day a week.  Post 9/11 we've moved away from blue uniforms almost altogether and have transformed into an Air Force that wear our utility uniform on a daily basis.

During our recent 4-Star summit, we had several discussions concerning our uniforms, including the wear of our blue uniform on a routine basis.  we all agreed that part of our image, culture, and professionalism is instilled in our blues.  As a result, effective 8 Sep 08, the ble uniform will be the duty uniform worn every Monday by the Air Force uniformed personnel in appropriate career fields and environments as determined by your installation commander.

Installation commanders have authority to adjust this policy to meet mission requirements (e.g.. AOR, exercises, etc.)

If you have questions or concerns, contact the AFPC Contact Center ....


  signed by Norton A. Schwartz


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