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Additional Baggage Restrictions During Commercial Travel for TDY/PCS

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The latest A4 update on airline baggage changes is attached. As you can see the changes are varied and it will be important for travelers to know they must check with their airlines to ensure they are not overweight. Also keep in mind the AO's may approve excess baggage after the fact by annotating and signing the travel voucher without requiring amendments.

Head up info only-We also participated in a call with A4 and A1 this morning on PCS's. Since AMC will continue to allow two bags up to 70 lbs each, PCS orders will include this as authorization. Any excess charges up to this entitlement will be automatically reimbursed. I.E. Member is charged for two bags at 55 lbs each, reimburse without approval based on the 70 lbs authorized in PCS orders. If a 3rd bag is checked, then approval will be required prior to reimbursement. Member must either get authorization approved in advance on the orders or after the fact when they report in to their new PDS. DP will be updating their guidance to the outbound assignment sections later this month with the exact procedures and we will include
specific FMF guidance when we forward their message. Again, this is heads up info only at this point.

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To make it easy to understand...  If checking two bags be sure and request excess baggage authorization if flying on an airline that does not have a military exemption.

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