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General Article - Breakdown

Source: UCMJ

The UCMJ is the derived source of this information.  The information below is for illustration and educational purposes only and may not reflect the most recent changes.  Please refer to your Legal Office or Area Defense Counsel for legal advice.

  Abusing Public Animal

  Assault--With Intent To Commit Murder, Voluntary Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Sodomy, Arson, Burglary, Or Housebreaking
  Bribery And Graft
  Burning With Intent To Defraud
  Check, Worthless, Making And Uttering--By Dishonorably Failing To Maintain Funds
  Cohabitation, Wrongful
  Correctional Custody--Offenses Against
  Debt, Dishonorably Failing To Pay
  Disloyal Statements
  Disorderly Conduct, Drunkenness
  Drinking Liquor With Prisoner
  Drunk Prisoner
  Drunkenness--Incapacitation For Performance Of Duties Through Prior Wrongful Indulgence In Intoxicating Liquor Or Any Drug
  False Or Unauthorized Pass Offenses
  False Pretenses, Obtaining Services Under
  False Swearing
  Firearm, Discharging--Through Negligence
  Firearm, Discharging--Willfully, Under Such Circumstances As To Endanger Human Life
  Fleeing Scene Of Accident
  Gambling With Subordinate
  Homicide, Negligent
  Impersonating A Commissioned, Warrant, Noncommissioned, Or Petty Officer, Or An Agent Or Official
  Indecent Acts Or Liberties With A Child
  Indecent Exposure
  Indecent Language
  Indecent Acts With Another
  Intent To Commit Murder, Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Sodomy, Arson, Burglary, Or Housebreaking
  Jumping From Vessel Into The Water
  Mail: Taking, Opening, Secreting, Destroying, Or Stealing
  Mails: Depositing Or Causing To Be Deposited Obscene Matters In
  Misprision Of Serious Offense
  Obstructing Justice
  Pandering And Prostitution
  Parole, Violation Of
  Perjury: Subornation Of
  Public Record: Altering, Concealing, Removing, Mutilating, Obliterating, Or Destroying
  Quarantine: Medical, Breaking
  Reckless Endangerment
  Requesting Commission Of An Offense -- Is Deleted Pursuant To Executive Order 12708
  Restriction, Breaking
  Seizure: Destruction, Removal, Or Disposal Of Property To Prevent
  Self-Injury Without Intent To Avoid Service
  Sentinel Or Lookout: Offenses Against Or By
  Soliciting Another To Commit An Offense
  Stolen Property: Knowingly Receiving, Buying, Concealing
  Testify: Wrongful Refusal
  Threat Or Hoax: Bomb
  Threat, Communicating
  Unlawful Entry
  Weapon: Concealed, Carrying
  Wearing Unauthorized Insignia, Decoration, Badge, Ribbon, Device, Or Lapel Button
  Wrongful Interference With An Adverse Administrative Proceeding


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