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Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Article 31 - Member Rights (USAF Edition)

Source: Internal (UCMJ) or external at

The UCMJ is the derived source of this information.  The information below is for illustration and educational purposes only and may not reflect the most recent changes.  Please refer to your Legal Office or Area Defense Counsel for legal advice.



I am ___________________ (grade, if any, and name), a member of the (Air Force SP/AFOSI/etc).  I am investigating the alleged offense(s) of ___________________(Article XX, or general if need be), of which you are suspected.  I advise you that under the provisions of Article 31, UCMJ, you have the right to remain silent; that is say nothing at all.  Any statement you make, oral or written, may be used as evidence against you in a trail by court-martial or in other judicial or administrative proceedings.  You have the right to consult a lawyer and to have a lawyer present during this interview.  You have the right to military legal counsel free of charge.  In addition to military counsel, you are entitled to civilian counsel of your own choosing at your own expense.  You may request a lawyer at any time during this interview.  If you decide to answer questions, you may stop the questioning at any time.  Do you understand your rights?  Do you want a lawyer? Are  you willing to answer questions?


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