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Request for Official Passport

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Place on Official letterhead

?? July 2006

                                        Passport Services, Special Issuance Agency
                                        Official Travel Branch

              <Mailing Address>

SUBJECT: Request for Official Passport

1. Request passport application for an official passport be expedited on the following individuals:

Individual’s Full Name                            SSAN                                   DOB

2. <RANK> <FNAME> <MNAME> <LNAME> is the Foreign Affairs Planning Specialist for the Office of the Political Advisor, <some> Command. Her duties include traveling to foreign countries with the Commander and Foreign Affairs Advisor. Currently, several trips are being coordinated for visits to foreign countries in the near future. This travel may included, but not limited to, Germany, Russia, India, and China. <RANK> <LNAME> will be the planner and coordinator for these trips and her presence is required to facilitate its execution, provide guidance, and handle any issues as they occur.

3. The reason I am requesting an official passport be issued to her now is to alleviate the problems we have had in past with trying to get travelers their passports within a short period of time especially when a visa is required at the same time. This caused problems between our office and the Passport Issuing Authority recently and almost caused a general officer not being able to travel. The upcoming visits are too important to this Command and <RANK> <LNAME> will need to have all required travel documents so she can depart on short notice.

4. The official passport cannot be postponed to a later date because the first travel requirement could be as early as June 2006. Processing the application now will meet the State Department's timelines and we will not have to pay for expeditious processing.

5. Your prompt approval of this request would be greatly appreciated. Direct any questions concerning this request to <RANK> <FNAME> <LNAME> at <COMMERCIAL NUMBER>.

                                                                                               //SIGNATURE BLOCK//


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