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Request to Expedite Passport Application

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Place on Official letterhead

?? July 2006

                                        Passport Services, Special Issuance Agency
                                        Official Travel Branch

              <Mailing Address>

SUBJECT: Request for Official Passport

1. Request passport application for an official passport be expedited on the following individuals:

Individual’s Full Name                            SSAN                                   DOB

2. <RANK> <FNAME> <MNAME> <LNAME>, (United States Air Force) is currently scheduled to travel with GEN <LNAME>(Commander, <COMMAND>) 8 - 20 April in the Pacific Theater. This travel includes Australia, Japan and South Korea. Capt Maxwell is the planner and coordinator for the trip and his presence is required to facilitate its execution and handle any issues as they occur. The only chance of obtaining this passport and SOFA Stamp prior to 7 April 2005 is to expedite the passport.

3. The last minute processing of this request was necessary because the official request from the Australian Government did not arrive until 10 March.

4. Travel cannot be postponed to a later date due to the specific invitation of the Australian Government.

5. Your prompt attention of this request would be greatly appreciated. Direct any questions concerning this request to <RANK> <FNAME> <LNAME> at <COMMERCIAL NUMBER> and DSN <DSN NUMBER>.

                                                                                               //SIGNATURE BLOCK//


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